The Syndication Status of Modern Family

USA / 20th Century Fox Television

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television / USA

Years ago, hit sitcoms didn’t reach syndication status until they were off the airwaves of their home network for a while. Like most things in media the timeline has jumped significantly. USA announced last spring that  Modern Family would be in syndication on the network as USA attempts to expand into the comedy realm. The move proved to be a fairly successful one. As the show entered its fifth season on ABC, ratings for reruns on USA have been fairly solid.

Coincidentally, USA has been much more effective at using transmedia to engage viewers of the Modern Family programming block, especially on their heavily promoted Modern Family Fridays Continue reading


“Modern Family” Does the Internet



We live in a modern age. ABC knows that, so they’ve incorporated social media and the Internets into Modern Family. Still, it’s a comedy, so there’s no Story Sync a la Breaking Bad and AMC going on here. ABC doesn’t do much on the digital side for the show, other than offer still shots of previous episodes and full episodes for all of 2 days on the website (that’s an exaggeration, but still).

One exception to the pretty dismal digital offerings is the offer scrapbooks that give more detailed looks at the plot lines of different episodes. Continue reading