Trailer: “Orange Is The New Black” Season 2

Lionsgate Television / Tilted Productions / Netflix

Lionsgate Television / Tilted Productions / Netflix

With a successful first season on Netflix, we’re finally getting more from Piper Chapman and the ladies in the women’s federal prison. From the looks of it, Piper is paying a solitary price for the incident with Pennsatucky. But once again, she’s trying to lay low, playing the “model inmate”. We’ll see how that goes.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see one of my favorites Miss Claudette, played by Michelle Hurst. Hurst was in a car accident in January which put her in a coma, but thankfully she has been doing well.  [SPOILER]  It looks like her character arc ended when Miss Claudette got sent to a maximum security prison, which is unfortunate because Miss Claudette’s story was one of the more compelling ones to me.

Otherwise, we get a look at a new character who looks like she may be a threat from Red’s past.

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