Episode Review: Modern Family – “Hit and Run”

We’ve talked about a lot of industry stuff surround Modern Family thus far: writers, awards, production and cast stuff and (my favorite so far) character profiles – but why do all that background chatter if we never look at an actual episode? Look no further than episode 305, “Hit and Run”. It’s one of my favorites. Continue reading


The Syndication Status of Modern Family

USA / 20th Century Fox Television

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television / USA

Years ago, hit sitcoms didn’t reach syndication status until they were off the airwaves of their home network for a while. Like most things in media the timeline has jumped significantly. USA announced last spring that  Modern Family would be in syndication on the network as USA attempts to expand into the comedy realm. The move proved to be a fairly successful one. As the show entered its fifth season on ABC, ratings for reruns on USA have been fairly solid.

Coincidentally, USA has been much more effective at using transmedia to engage viewers of the Modern Family programming block, especially on their heavily promoted Modern Family Fridays Continue reading

Character Conflicts: Modern Family

ABC.com / 20th Century Fox Television

ABC.com / 20th Century Fox Television

Sitcom or drama, what good is a show without conflict? Modern Family being the comedy it is does this with humor. Essentially, there are plot points in different episodes that pair characters who are fundamentally different and see how they work through their differences. Sometimes they don’t work through them so much as gripe about them and make passive-aggressive remarks, but that’s what makes these conflicts so funny. Continue reading

“Modern Family” Does the Internet

ABC / ABC.go.com

ABC / ABC.go.com

We live in a modern age. ABC knows that, so they’ve incorporated social media and the Internets into Modern Family. Still, it’s a comedy, so there’s no Story Sync a la Breaking Bad and AMC going on here. ABC doesn’t do much on the digital side for the show, other than offer still shots of previous episodes and full episodes for all of 2 days on the website (that’s an exaggeration, but still).

One exception to the pretty dismal digital offerings is the offer scrapbooks that give more detailed looks at the plot lines of different episodes. Continue reading

The Writers of “Modern Family”

ABC / Peter "Hopper" Stone

ABC / Peter “Hopper” Stone

We’ve dissected the creators of the show and the cast of the ABC comedy. We even gave the young ones their own post! Now let’s look at who makes these characters who they are before the actors get all the attention for it. Fans of Modern Family took the time to create a wiki which features profiles on 22  of the writers (but many only have one writing credit on the series)! Let’s take a closer look at a few of these folks: Continue reading

Character Profiles: The Children of Modern Family

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television

Previously, we looked into character profiles of the adults of Modern Family. Now it’s time to give the children a chance! (That turned out more dramatic than I intended it to be.) Let’s not waste time with the intro, they’ll be more posts to come on other aspects of the show. Here’s how the younger half of the Modern Family are all connected: Continue reading

Character Profiles: Modern Familly



By now we all know how popular Modern Family is and who does the work on the ABC sitcom behind the scenes, but now let’s get into which characters are played by the actors that won the Screen Actor’s Guild Award last month. Some characters have been mentioned in an earlier post, but as promised,  I’m giving y’all more detail on the adults in the family (although some of their behavior may say otherwise). And yes, I may play favorites based on which characters I enjoy watching most, but we’ll see: Continue reading

Modern Family Wins at 20th SAG Awards



Awards season is looking up for Modern Family.

At the Golden Globes, Sofia Vergara was nominated for her work as Gloria, and the series was nominated for Best TV Series – Comedy, but to no avail. Well, the Academy may not have awarded the Family, but their peers at the Screen Actors Guild did! Ty Burrell won for Outstanding Performance By a Male Actor in a Comedy Series (a mouthful), and the entire cast won for Outstanding Performance By an  Ensemble in a Comedy Series (another  mouthful, but worthy win!).

I was so excited to see them win! Ty’s goofy Phil Dunphy can be a little irritating at times, I’ll admit (I’ll get into detail when I do character profiles), but he’s a great comedic actor. What I like in a comedian is when they don’t always have to be “on” or loud and obnoxious to make people laugh (slight shade to Jim Carrey). Deadpan is more my style. Continue reading

Cast, Production, and Industry Folk: Modern Family



As popular as Modern Family is, it’s always helpful to give background of a show. Plus, how shows developed, who joined in the cast and crew and studio info is always interesting to me, so there’s that.

Since 2009, Modern Family has aired on ABC as part of the Disney-owned network’s comedy block. Show creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan come from two popular NBC comedies that aired in the early and late ’90s – Fraiser and Just Shoot Me, respectively.

I never watched those shows. But I do watch Modern Family, so I imagine ABC may have picked up the show in part because of the level of success they had with the past NBC sitcoms. Makes sense. The mockumentary-style show is about three nuclear families that make up one big extended, charismatic, and hilarious family. With so many quirky personalities, humorous situations are central to each episode. Continue reading

TV: My Story

Growing up, TV has always had a real presence in my life. Some of the first television shows I remember watching came from Public Broadcasting. Classics like Sesame Street and (the modernized version of) Zoom, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, modern fare like Barney and Friends, and a bizarre show about Teletubbies filled my days. As I got older, I stuck with PBS, but also watched more Disney and Nick Jr. My twin sister and I would wake up from our naps to watch Blue’s Clues and Little Bear. In the mornings, we’d watch Rolie Polie Olie and Bear In the Big Blue House.

TV wasn’t just entertainment, it taught me things. Shows in my youth taught me basics like counting and critical thinking (how do you think we figured out what Blue was trying to say?), but as I got older different shows gave me clues to social life. Lizzie McGuire taught me how to navigate middle school.

And now, I have a myriad of tastes in TV. Continue reading