Trailer: “The Giver”

The Weinstein Company

The Weinstein Company

Let’s talk about how great of a day this has been for trailers. First Peanuts, now we get a look at The Giver! I remember reading Lois Lowry’s 1993 classic back in 8th grade. It was the first book in a while that I enjoyed so much I couldn’t put it down. Since then (and that was in 2006), there was chatter about a movie adaptation, but set backs kept happening. Finally, production gets going and here we are.

Producer Jeff Bridges himself plays the title character and Meryl Streep plays the questionable Chief Elder. Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent) plays protagonist Jonas, and Alexander Skarsgård and Katie Holmes play his parents. My biggest problem was that Taylor Swift was in the movie (she plays Rosemary), but thankfully for me, there’s not much of her in the trailer (lol can you find her?) . Hopefully that’s an indicator of how much she’s in the movie.

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Entertainment Weekly’s Top 15 Entertainers of a Decade

Tina Fey

Tina Fey (Photo credit: nick step)

As the first decade of the new milenimum comes to a close, many publications are relfecting on the years that were 2000 to 2009. Entertaiment Weekly is no exception. The fine folks at the magazine ranked who they’re calling thier favorite entertainers check out the list below:

  1. Johnny Depp
  2. Beyoncé
  3. JK Rowling
  4. Simon Cowell
  5. Tina Fey
  6. Justin Timberlake
  7. Lord of the Rings trilogy director Peter Jackson
  8. Oprah Winfrey
  9. Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast of Sex and the City
  10. Pixar founder John Lasseter
  11. Will Smith
  12. Director (Lost, Mission: Impossible III) J.J. Abrams
  13. Steve Jobs
  14. Meryl Streep
  15. Jon Stewart.

 Credit: EW