‘Light Girls’ addresses internal conflict, colorism, not much privilege

Duke Media / OWN

Duke Media / OWN

Last night, Oprah’s OWN Network aired “Light Girls,” a sequel to the documentary “Dark Girls,” and I saw a lot of conflict on Twitter from black men and black women – both with light and dark skin.

I think this doc had more depth than “Dark Girls,” and maybe that was Bill Duke learning from the predecessor, but it still felt frustrating to see what seems like more effort into giving depth to this documentary over the prior one. Continue reading


Trailer: “Light Girls” explores colorism, light skin privilege in the black community

Duke Media / OWN

Duke Media / OWN

Last year, Oprah’s TV network OWN aired “Dark Girls,” a documentary that explored the biases against black women of darker shades in their own community. I praised the documentary for bringing a normally inclusive issue to a broader audience. Looking back, I do wish it went more in depth on the different levels of impact colorism has, but there’s only so much one documentary can touch on.

Now, OWN will look at the other side of the spectrum with “Light Girls.” Featuring interviews with Essence Atkins, Tatyana Ali, Kym Whitley, Raven-Symoné, Amber Rose, Claudia Jordan and others. They’ll be discussing their own struggles, as well as the privileges they have – the latter of which I think is important and not acknowledged very much. I’ll be interested to see what stories are told and how.

You can look at the TV spot for the documentary, airing Monday, January 19 on OWN, below:

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Trailer: “Orange Is The New Black” Season 2

Lionsgate Television / Tilted Productions / Netflix

Lionsgate Television / Tilted Productions / Netflix

With a successful first season on Netflix, we’re finally getting more from Piper Chapman and the ladies in the women’s federal prison. From the looks of it, Piper is paying a solitary price for the incident with Pennsatucky. But once again, she’s trying to lay low, playing the “model inmate”. We’ll see how that goes.

Unfortunately, we don’t get to see one of my favorites Miss Claudette, played by Michelle Hurst. Hurst was in a car accident in January which put her in a coma, but thankfully she has been doing well.  [SPOILER]  It looks like her character arc ended when Miss Claudette got sent to a maximum security prison, which is unfortunate because Miss Claudette’s story was one of the more compelling ones to me.

Otherwise, we get a look at a new character who looks like she may be a threat from Red’s past.

Take a look at the trailer below: Continue reading

Acts and Scenes: The Structure of “Modern Family”

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television

Some say TV is predictable. Well, it is. And the genre of the show you’re watching doesn’t matter, because if it’s reality or drama or comedy a formula is followed. Modern Family  is no different. There’s always some form of variation, but usually, it sticks to a standard form. Makes things easier for writers, and let’s be honest: we like predictability. Keeps things stable. Continue reading

Preview: Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World”

Disney Channel

Disney Channel

It’s here! We finally get to see actual footage from the pilot episode of Girl Meets World. After the news that a spin-off of the 90’s sitcom Boy Meets World would be coming to Disney Channel, I was excited, but a little wary. Enter some updates and confirmations, on-set interviews, plus a cast photo, and things fell into place. In the first preview of the show, Cory and Topanga’s daughter Riley attempts to sneak out the house with her bestie Maya (the equivalent of Shawn Hunter, tbh).

If I’m being honest, the show looks just the same as everything else on Disney Channel, as far as sets and cinematography go, but hopefully having the original creator, Michael Jacobs, and the original writers will bring variety to programming currently on Disney. Continue reading

Episode Review: Modern Family – “Hit and Run”

We’ve talked about a lot of industry stuff surround Modern Family thus far: writers, awards, production and cast stuff and (my favorite so far) character profiles – but why do all that background chatter if we never look at an actual episode? Look no further than episode 305, “Hit and Run”. It’s one of my favorites. Continue reading

The Syndication Status of Modern Family

USA / 20th Century Fox Television

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television / USA

Years ago, hit sitcoms didn’t reach syndication status until they were off the airwaves of their home network for a while. Like most things in media the timeline has jumped significantly. USA announced last spring that  Modern Family would be in syndication on the network as USA attempts to expand into the comedy realm. The move proved to be a fairly successful one. As the show entered its fifth season on ABC, ratings for reruns on USA have been fairly solid.

Coincidentally, USA has been much more effective at using transmedia to engage viewers of the Modern Family programming block, especially on their heavily promoted Modern Family Fridays Continue reading

Character Conflicts: Modern Family

ABC.com / 20th Century Fox Television

ABC.com / 20th Century Fox Television

Sitcom or drama, what good is a show without conflict? Modern Family being the comedy it is does this with humor. Essentially, there are plot points in different episodes that pair characters who are fundamentally different and see how they work through their differences. Sometimes they don’t work through them so much as gripe about them and make passive-aggressive remarks, but that’s what makes these conflicts so funny. Continue reading

“Modern Family” Does the Internet

ABC / ABC.go.com

ABC / ABC.go.com

We live in a modern age. ABC knows that, so they’ve incorporated social media and the Internets into Modern Family. Still, it’s a comedy, so there’s no Story Sync a la Breaking Bad and AMC going on here. ABC doesn’t do much on the digital side for the show, other than offer still shots of previous episodes and full episodes for all of 2 days on the website (that’s an exaggeration, but still).

One exception to the pretty dismal digital offerings is the offer scrapbooks that give more detailed looks at the plot lines of different episodes. Continue reading

The Writers of “Modern Family”

ABC / Peter "Hopper" Stone

ABC / Peter “Hopper” Stone

We’ve dissected the creators of the show and the cast of the ABC comedy. We even gave the young ones their own post! Now let’s look at who makes these characters who they are before the actors get all the attention for it. Fans of Modern Family took the time to create a wiki which features profiles on 22  of the writers (but many only have one writing credit on the series)! Let’s take a closer look at a few of these folks: Continue reading