Episode Review: Modern Family – “Hit and Run”

We’ve talked about a lot of industry stuff surround Modern Family thus far: writers, awards, production and cast stuff and (my favorite so far) character profiles – but why do all that background chatter if we never look at an actual episode? Look no further than episode 305, “Hit and Run”. It’s one of my favorites.As the title suggests, one of the families gets into a car accident. Cam and Mitch are driving home when their Prius gets rammed into. They calmly get out and the culprit seems apologetic, but something is a little off: the guy rushes back to his car and speeds off. Hilariously, Cam bolts, trying to catch the runaway hitter on foot. In typical Cam fashion, he does this while flailing his arms and wailing.

What’s so entertaining to me about this episode is how they paired up the family members. It’s a bit of a deviation from the usual. When Haley gets into money troubles from trying to get her friends fake IDs, the men in her family decide to find the kid that took her money. It’s sweet that they all band together for their daughter/granddaughter/niece – but since she’s out $900, it makes sense.

So Jay, Phil, Mitch and Cam approach the ID-makers house. It’s a redemption of sorts for everyone: in Cam and Mitch’s hit and run earlier, Mitch wanted to call the cops (that didn’t work well) and Cam tried to run after the culprit, intending on handling things with violence (but that doesn’t work when running after a car) Jay had a hard time selling to a client earlier, and Phil gets a chance to prove himself and impress Jay.

When Jay approaches the culprit, he seems willing to give the money back, but he takes off. In a panic, Mitch ends up being the hero by tackling the runaway criminal – with some help from the other family members to keep the runner from escaping out his own pants.


3 thoughts on “Episode Review: Modern Family – “Hit and Run”

  1. I absolutely love this episode!

    ^This clip is my favorite moment. The actual hit and run makes me laugh, so hard, every time. These two may be my favorite characters on the show. The way they interact, their comments, and their sense of humor is amazing. If they were their characters in real life I think we’d get along great. It also kills me watching this clip, looking at how flamboyant Cam is, knowing Eric Stonestreet is actually straight. He’s so good at what he does.


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