“Modern Family” Does the Internet

ABC / ABC.go.com

ABC / ABC.go.com

We live in a modern age. ABC knows that, so they’ve incorporated social media and the Internets into Modern Family. Still, it’s a comedy, so there’s no Story Sync a la Breaking Bad and AMC going on here. ABC doesn’t do much on the digital side for the show, other than offer still shots of previous episodes and full episodes for all of 2 days on the website (that’s an exaggeration, but still).

One exception to the pretty dismal digital offerings is the offer scrapbooks that give more detailed looks at the plot lines of different episodes. Like a look at the drawing by the “artist” Haley was smitten by in Season One’s episode “Airport 2010”. There’s even occasional videos of the characters, but those are just clips from full episodes that have already been taken off the website.

Sometimes photo recaps come in the form of animated gifs, which are sometimes doctored to reflect personalities of characters other than the one at the center of the episode. Look, I can show you better than I can tell you:

In the season four episode “Snip,” there’s a gag where Phil sits on a bench with his realtor ad. The ad says “Not just another realtor, a man who cares!” But when he sits on it, it reads “Not a real man.” So ABC (that is, who ever is in charge of content for ABC’s Modern Family site) creates a blog about Revealing Bus Bench Ads that use this gag (and Photoshop) on Haley, Alex and Gloria.

And then there’s the “LOLz” section of the site, which features blogs and video clips centered on characters and promotional work the actors do for the show. If you’re a big fan of the show these may be entertaining, but I’m almost positive fans get most of this information earlier through fan communities based on the show.



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