The Writers of “Modern Family”

ABC / Peter "Hopper" Stone

ABC / Peter “Hopper” Stone

We’ve dissected the creators of the show and the cast of the ABC comedy. We even gave the young ones their own post! Now let’s look at who makes these characters who they are before the actors get all the attention for it. Fans of Modern Family took the time to create a wiki which features profiles on 22  of the writers (but many only have one writing credit on the series)! Let’s take a closer look at a few of these folks:

Abraham Higginbotham: Not only is Abraham a writer on Modern Family, he’s appeared as an actor on the show too! He appeared in an episode in season two. Before Modern Family, he’s worked on comedies like Will & Grace (it’s his spec script for that show that got him a big break in writing!) and Arrested Development, so his work history is impressive. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he recalls one of his most memorable writer’s room debates: “A few writers thought it was insanely inappropriate of Claire [to give Haley condoms as she left for college]. It went on and on: Would you mind so much if Phil was leaving Luke with condoms at college? Is it genderspecific? Personally, I love those debates because: A) I know we’re on to something worth exploring on the show; and B) We start with strong points of view for our characters. Some of the work is done just by us yelling at one another in the room and then making wildly offensive jokes to cut the tension.”

Elaine Ko: Like Higginbotham, she’s had a cameo on the show that employs her as well  Elaine’s work on Modern Family is recognized by her peers: she’s won a Writer’s Guild Award for her work on the show. I’ve heard some of her work in the episode “Bad Hair Day”, and although you can’t determine who of all the writers in the room wrote what, I enjoyed the one-liners and humor of the episode. Interestingly, she’s quite the Breaking Bad fan. ” I write a ton of Breaking Bad fan fiction,” she said in her THR interview with the other Modern Family writers.

Danny Zuker: Zuker has a long impressive history of writing for hit comedic TV, including The Arsenio Hall Show (not the reboot) and Just Shoot Me! – even an episode of Roseanne! Like the aforementioned writers, he too has made a cameo on Modern Family as Danny in a 2011 season 3 episode. For his part in the THR interview, he can’t believe they got away with  a scene where the kids walking in on Phil and Claire in a compromising position. “More specifically, the position they were in when they were caught having sex. Watch the episode again. It was the funniest choice by a mile, and I’m so glad we got to do it, but it was definitely one of the most racy moments we ever put out there.”

You can get more insight from more of the writers by looking at the complete interview they did with The Hollywood Reporter last year!



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