Character Profiles: The Children of Modern Family

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television

ABC / 20th Century Fox Television

Previously, we looked into character profiles of the adults of Modern Family. Now it’s time to give the children a chance! (That turned out more dramatic than I intended it to be.) Let’s not waste time with the intro, they’ll be more posts to come on other aspects of the show. Here’s how the younger half of the Modern Family are all connected:

Haley Dunphy: The oldest of the nuclear Dunphy clan, Haley is a ditzy college student. It’s clear she takes more after her goofy dad, Phil. She’s a typical teenager – she gets embarrassed by her parents and she’s very into her looks and is perhaps overly devoted to her boyfriend, Dylan. Speaking of which…

Dylan Homes: While his relationship status as Haley’s boyfriend is on- and off-again, it’s safe to consider Dylan a part of the family. At least he considers himself that way. In numerous episodes, Claire will make suggestions for the family and Dylan will willingly participate, so it’s clear he thinks he’s apart of the family. He’s just as spacey – if not more – than his girlfriend.

Alex Dunphy: Alex is the middle child of the Dunphy clan and is quite the nerd. So she’s easily the brighter – or brightest – of her family. She’s also a (stereo)typical teenager, but she has some of the same oblivious tendencies her parents have. Still, she’s quick-witted and although she butts heads with her older sister, they seem to be pretty close (she knew Haley lost her virginity before their dad did).

Luke Dunphy: When I first watched Modern Family, I thought Luke was probably the silliest child, but he’s actually just average. He has his hilarious lapses in judgement, but it’s hardly ever anything crucial. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t take after his dad though.

Lily Tucker-Pritchett: Lily was adopted by Cam and Mitchell in the first season and welcomed to the family with open arms, despite Mitchell worrying about their response in the beginning.

Manny Delgado: Manny the most mature of all the kids. At times, he actually seems to be the parent of his own mother, Gloria, and his stepdad, Jay. He’s a very loving kid, and intelligent too. But Modern Family is still a comedy, so he has his goofball moments too.

Fulgencio Joseph “Joe” Pritchett: There’s not much to say about the newest member of the Pritchett/Tucker-Pritchett/Dunphy clan, except that he’s the newest member. He’s Jay and Gloria’s  first child together.

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Haley is probably one of my favorites of the kids, as silly as she is. Who’s you favorite of the younger half of Modern Family?


3 thoughts on “Character Profiles: The Children of Modern Family

  1. I havent watched much of the show except for a few episodes during the first season, but these profiles seem spot on from what I am able to remember. As someone who is clearly a much more up to date on the show than me, can you tell me if these character traits have remained static or have they been able to change the characters over the course of the past five years?

  2. I have only seen the show sporadically, but from what I can tell the characters have remained pretty much static throughout the entire series. Manny’s character has always been one of the funniest to me in that he always acts so grown up for his age. He manages to get himself into quite a few messes that his mom always comes to his protection. I’ve only seen Lily’s character as a baby and then more recently as a child. It would be interesting to watch her grow up over the different seasons and see how her character really develops.

  3. I was an avid Modern Family watcher until the end of the third season, when I fell behind, and haven’t been able to catch back up yet. But from your descriptions, those are exactly how I remember them. Except I think when I still watched Modern Family they hadn’t re-cast Lily yet with that crazy child haha. I would probably agree with you and say my favorite youth would have to be Haley.


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