Character Profiles: Modern Familly



By now we all know how popular Modern Family is and who does the work on the ABC sitcom behind the scenes, but now let’s get into which characters are played by the actors that won the Screen Actor’s Guild Award last month. Some characters have been mentioned in an earlier post, but as promised,  I’m giving y’all more detail on the adults in the family (although some of their behavior may say otherwise). And yes, I may play favorites based on which characters I enjoy watching most, but we’ll see:

Jay Pritchett: Jay is the head patriarch, and probably one of the more mild-mannered characters of the clan. Which makes sense, because he’s married to the very charismatic, vibrant and not at all mild-mannered Gloria.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett: The younger wife to the once-divorced Jay Pritchett is from Colombia, and she (and perhaps the writers of the show) won’t let you forget that fact. She very often makes odd references to her time at her village back home, sometimes to the discomfort of her family and others. In the pilot, she mentions with the help of her husband that her village is number one in the country for murders. So there’s that. She’s honestly probably my favorite.

Phil Dunphy: Phil is married to Jay’s only daughter Claire. I’ll admit. As funny as his shenanigans are at times, the patriarch of the Dunphy family is sometimes (very) annoying to me. Sometimes his reasoning is so ridiculous it frustrates me instead of making me laugh.

Claire Dunphy: As her last name suggests, Claire is Phil’s wife. Almost the reverse of her father’s relationship, Claire is the more level-headed of the two between her and Phil. But like every character on this show, she has her fair share of incredibly  misguided but humorous happenings.

Mitchell Pritchett: Mitch is Claire’s younger brother and rounds out the core Pritchett family. He’s a stooge to his hubby’s eccentric comic persona. Still, this is Modern Family, so although the Pritchett’s are more level-headed than their beaus, they still have their comedic mishaps.

Cameron Tucker: Cam is Mitch’s partner and one of the most entertaining characters to watch – which is saying a lot. He’s a frantic thing at times, but he’s incredibly loving of his family – even the extended ones. He’s probably notable for his clown hobby.

So with that being said, who is your favorite of the adult characters in Modern Family?


4 thoughts on “Character Profiles: Modern Familly

  1. Modern Family has a pretty unbeatable cast. In my opinion, Manny and Haley steal a little light from their adult co-stars. Manny, the fearless romantic, always wears his heart on his sleeve and never misses a chance to pursue a shot at love, even when his father Jay appears to have no support. I love how Gloria always steps in to snappily defend her son. I just read that Rico Rodriguez was ranked No. 4 on GQ Magazine’s 25 Most Stylish Men on Television in 2010… looks like he transfers some of his Modern Family style over to his real life!

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  3. Well this is the best blog. I’ve never seen MF so I read this post to learn about the characters. Great job describing the characters briefly. Definitely need to catch up with the rest of America and watch this show. Great post // Great blog. You can tell you’re into writing for digital media- very cohesive with attractive layout.


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