Adorable Super Bowl Ad Gets People In Their Feelings

With Super Bowl XLVIII upon us, the best part of it for pop-culture aficionados like me is the commercials! YouTube means we get an early look at a number of the ads that will be the most talked about. Budweiser has become a giant in the Super Bowl ad game, and this year is no different. The ad stars one of the famous Clydesdales and a cute labrador retriever puppy. Like most of these ads, it stars one stubborn animal that just keeps coming back. It’s an improvement from  last years clip. (Yes, the “Brotherhood” one was cute. Gave me chills! But there’s something about puppies.)

Folks got in their feelings. I did too. Christina Pippas said “OMG I AM CRYIN. I AM CRYING”.  And if you’re familiar with the meme, one YouTube commenter said “i cri eri tim”. I won’t lie.I teared up. And I actually got The Fox and the Hound teas from the clip too.

Watch the adorable ad below!

Did you tear up? Were some ninjas chopping onions?



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