Modern Family Wins at 20th SAG Awards



Awards season is looking up for Modern Family.

At the Golden Globes, Sofia Vergara was nominated for her work as Gloria, and the series was nominated for Best TV Series – Comedy, but to no avail. Well, the Academy may not have awarded the Family, but their peers at the Screen Actors Guild did! Ty Burrell won for Outstanding Performance By a Male Actor in a Comedy Series (a mouthful), and the entire cast won for Outstanding Performance By an  Ensemble in a Comedy Series (another  mouthful, but worthy win!).

I was so excited to see them win! Ty’s goofy Phil Dunphy can be a little irritating at times, I’ll admit (I’ll get into detail when I do character profiles), but he’s a great comedic actor. What I like in a comedian is when they don’t always have to be “on” or loud and obnoxious to make people laugh (slight shade to Jim Carrey). Deadpan is more my style. But I digress. As Julie Bowen took to the mic, she joked “Thank you. We’re gonna make Sofia talk because America loves her and her boobs.” Sofia quipped “No respect. Anyways, this means so much to us because it’s given from you our fellow actors, and because it’s so mind-blowing that – because we respect all of you as the other nominees, and because I can barely speak English.”

The actress then went on to thank the creators, as well as “the writers that work so hard to make us sound funny. To our whole crew that make us look so pretty. To ABC/Fox for making us feel so comfortable.” And Julie also snuck another joke in: before Sofia concluded by thanking the fans of the show, Julie whispered for Sofia to thank her boobs. So there’s that.

See the cast thank their peers in their SAG Awards acceptance speech below!



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