TV: My Story

Growing up, TV has always had a real presence in my life. Some of the first television shows I remember watching came from Public Broadcasting. Classics like Sesame Street and (the modernized version of) Zoom, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, modern fare like Barney and Friends, and a bizarre show about Teletubbies filled my days. As I got older, I stuck with PBS, but also watched more Disney and Nick Jr. My twin sister and I would wake up from our naps to watch Blue’s Clues and Little Bear. In the mornings, we’d watch Rolie Polie Olie and Bear In the Big Blue House.

TV wasn’t just entertainment, it taught me things. Shows in my youth taught me basics like counting and critical thinking (how do you think we figured out what Blue was trying to say?), but as I got older different shows gave me clues to social life. Lizzie McGuire taught me how to navigate middle school.

And now, I have a myriad of tastes in TV. I enjoy reality TV. I’m not one to act above it – The Real Housewives of Atlanta is great entertainment, y’all! I still get into scripted network and cable drama’s too. Thursday nights consist of Scandal and I loved Breaking Bad. I’m not just a drama queen though. I enjoy laughing at the obnoxious and inane humor of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and Modern Family.

For now, most of my posts will be about Modern Family. I won’t just do episode recaps (but I can guarantee there will be one), but I’ll get into the structure of the show – how characters develop, the show audience, and the production style and series premise. So look for the Modern Family tag between my usual posts (I know, I’ve been slacking, I do apologize. College calls), and comment away!



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