Trailer: Ashton Kutcher in ‘Jobs’

Five Star Feature Films

Five Star Feature Films

I’d say there was a fair amount of skepticism when Ashton Kutcher was set to play Apple icon Steve Jobs in a movie. Some of that may (or may not) be put to rest with the first official trailer for Five Star Feature Films’ Jobs. The trailer gives viewers a peek into Kutcher’s portrayal of the man behind Apple’s brand at different points in his life. What’s most interesting to me from the teaser, however, is how they seem to portray Job’s creative, albeit flawed, genius: in one scene, he kicks out a co-worker from a meeting when he remarks that “typeface isn’t a pressing issue”. I guess it is.

It’ll be interesting to see how the quirks of Steve Jobs play out in the full film. It may be more interesting to see what  fans and critics of Apple have to say about the way things are depicted, but it is a movie, after all. Watch the trailer below. Jobs will be in theaters August 16th.



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