Will Smith’s After Earth Misses Box Office #1

Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures

Even from the trailer, I wasn’t too impressed.

In the latest sci-fi apocalyptic film from Hollywood, Will Smith and his son Jaden get split-face poster time for After Earth

Reaction on the film is harsh too. In the comments below The Hollywood Reporter’s piece on the disappointing opening for the movie, people are going after Jaden and what they see as Will’s “fading movie star power”. You have people tired of Will “shoving his kids down [their] throats”. I can understand that, but  Jaden wants to act (and sing…or rap and date a Kardashian) by his own choice. I think that has little to do with the movie’s performance. Yes, misleading your audience (billing this a Will Smith movie when actually Jaden’s billed at the top) does damage, but the plot and how it was sold is a bigger issue to me.

Freedom Fighter says, “Will Smith sort of pioneered the wise ass cracking black guy in a big budget film with a diverse cast. While that was fun and fresh back in the 90s, it’s old and stale today. Unfortunately for Will, that’s the only schtick he’s good at. Add to that fact, After Earth lacks any diversity what-so-ever, it shouldn’t take a genius to figure out this movie has little appeal and was destined to flop royally.”

I have to disagree. Did he not see Seven Pounds? There wasn’t much funny in that movie. Same goes for I Am Legend. I think the bigger issue is the marketing of After Earth and the lofty, sci-fi approach that wasn’t totally action-based but had a nondescript storyline too. Only when we got closer to the release date did the true plot unfold (which happens with many movies in this genre), and do we really care enough about sci-fi movies in this style anymore?




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