Trailer: Tyler Perry Presents ‘Peeples’



There’s been some buzz about the latest Tyler Perry film since his lackluster turn in Alex Cross, and we have it by way of Peeples. Although Perry isn’t in the film, he is one of the producers. The comedy stars Kerry Washington and Craig Robinson (Pineapple Express, Darryl in The Office). In it, Kerry’s Grace Peeples heads to her highly esteemed family’s reunion in the Hampton’s. Things get zany when her boyfriend Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) crashes the event to win over her family and propose to Grace. David Alan Grier dons a salt-and-pepper hairdo and facial hair for his part as Mr. Peeples.

While it looks like the comedy could get a bit corny, it looks like a decent family film. Plus we get to see Oliva Pope do comedy. Peeples hits theaters May 10th.

Watch the trailer here and get a look at another promo poster below!






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