Disney Channel Developing a “Boy Meets World” Sequel

Boy Meets World Logo – Michael Jacobs Productions / Touchstone Television

Oh boy (no bad pun intended). I’m not sure how to feel about this… TV Line reports that the Disney  Channel is developing Girl Meets World, a sequel to the Boy Meets World series that has generated a massive fan base (myself included) since it entered re-run status after it ended its original run in 2000. The developing sitcom will focus on Corey and Topanga’s preteen daughter. Fans of the show will recall that the high school loves got married toward the end of the series.

It could be cool, but the question is if Ben Savage (who played Corey)  and Danielle Fishel (who played Topanga) will actually return to their original roles. And of course fans will want to see Sean and Eric on the show so that opens another question. My biggest concern is the Disney Channel factor. With how homogenous their shows look, this could be a disappointing mess if it happens. Hopefully that won’t be the case, because Boy Meets World producer Michael Jacobs is on board for the sequel series.

From THR


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