Mike Epps to Play Richard Pryor in Nina Simone Biopic

Hm. Fascinating.

Mike Epps is set to play Richard Pryor in Nina, a biopic on the life of legendary jazz singer Nina Simone. In the movie, Epps will portray Pryor in his early days doing standup as the opening act for Nina Simone. Controversially,  Zoe Saldana will play Nina, which many of Nina’s fans are not here for. I guess they don’t like her acting…and she can’t sing…and she doesn’t look like Nina. Originally Mary J. Blige was going to play “High Priestess of Soul” (she’d been in talks for the role for YEARS), but she’s stepped down and Zoe has stepped in.

Whatever. I like Zoe fine. For those wondering, the director is Cynthia Mort, who produced some episodes of Will & Grace and Roseanne. So…

From AV Club



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