The Makers of ‘Ice Age’ Are Bringing The Peanuts To The Big Screen

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios are making the classic Peanuts comic strip into a movie. You know, with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Based on the studios past projects, we can probably expect the Peanuts Gang to have an Ice-Age digital animation makeover, but it won’t be one of those live-action/animation combos I detest, so there’s that… otherwise there isn’t much info on the production side of things.

Luckily, there’s a good chance this won’t be a flop adaptation, because the family of creator Charles M Shultz is involved: his son Craig Shultz and grandson Bryan Shultz are working on a script. This film is set to be released on the 65th anniversary of the comic strip November 25 2005.

From TotalFilm



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