Oprah Winfrey On Set With Lenny Kravitz on New Movie

Leave it to Oprah to be impressive even in aged makeup and costume.

On the set of her new film The Butler, Oprah shared with fans a picture of herself alongside Lenny Kravitz, saying “Lenny Kravitz and me ( both aged) getting ready for our 80’s White House scene”. In the movie, Oprah plays the wife of Forrest Whittaker ‘s Eugene Allen, who worked in the White House for eight presidencies as a butler. The profile of Eugene Allen is being directed by Lee Daniels.

As far as I can see, they’re looking pretty good! Oprah’s side ‘wrinkle’ makeup by her eyes look a little wonky though. The dress certainly looks 80’s enough. Take a look at the picture and share your thoughts!

Credit: Oprah Winfrey on Instagram

From EW



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