Jimmy Fallon to Produce Hipster Comedy

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve had sitcoms on topics from mixed families, nerds, outcasts and the like, but what about people who are against everything mainstream? Jimmy Fallon’s production company is set to produce a sitcom on hipsters for NBC.  The as-of-now-titled Untitled Hipster Project (fittingly and hipster enough) focuses on “a decidedly un-hip anthropology student finds himself living with – and studying – the wild, untamed hipsters of Brooklyn, New York.” Nick Thune  (notable for his part in Knocked Up) will produce and possible star as the hipster watching student.

I find Jimmy pretty funny, so maybe this could be a funny 30 minute show should NBC pick it up. It seems fitting for the look of NBC sitcoms as of late anyway.

From Deadline


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