The Struggle: Waiting For New Music

What happened to the days of yore where you got a new album every year?

Album Collection

Album Collection (Photo credit: maddenman2000)

Maybe that’s still the case for Rihanna fans and the like, but not for me. I’m lucky to even get an album every 3 years. So I spend my time patrolling message boards and searching Google news and refreshing singer’s/producer’s/songwriter’s twitter feeds for new updates (Sad existence, I know).

That’s easy with, say LeAnn Rimes, who tweets regularly, but not with Christina Aguilera, who keeps her Twitter pretty much for The Voice (except for recently, with the advent of  “Your Body” – the single and video from her new album coming soon – plus the new album cover shoot… and the song itself leaked yesterday! So there’s some solace!).

I’m also a student, so at least real life takes up time until my favorites release new music… But really, the wait isn’t that long and it’s usually worth it.



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