Really Good, Super Dope Award Show Performances, Part 2

The first part was getting a little lengthy, so here’s parte dos! This time, featuring the not-so usual picks for top award show performances:

Janet Jackson’s tribute to Michael at the 2009 VMAs

Sure the Jackson’s might be showing their true colors now, but I believe they really do love each other. Especially Janet and Mike. You can see she danced a little harder knowing this performance was in MJ’s memory. Plus, Beyoncé’s reaction at 1:34 is priceless:

The best part: When Janet dances in sync with Michael at the dance break at 2:42.

Christina Aguilera’s tribute to James Brown at the 2007 Grammys

While not most people’s first choice for a James Brown tribute, X did a phenomenal job. And got a star-studded standing O for one of the greatest performances in Grammy history.

The best part: The whole dang thing.

LeAnn Rimes at the 2008 CMT Awards

Straight out of the video, LeAnn dressed in old-school jail clothes, pin curled her hair and danced (and sang on key no less!) To her 2007 hit, “Nothin’ Better To Do”. LeAnn’s not known for dancing, but she gave it a good shot and had a cool little dance break. It was a cool moment for the CMT Awards.

The best part: The dance breaks at 1:31 and 1:48



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