Stan Wars

First off, I hate the term “stan”. When you think of its original meaning and how extreme it is from the term “fan” (which is short for fanatic, mind you) , it’s just ridiculous.  You actually don’t have to look any further than the Eminem song (or the live performance with Elton John, whichever you prefer) to get the idea of what a real stan looks like. But like most terms in this age, “stan” has become a general term for hard-core fans.

Which brings me to “stan wars”. Particularly in the pop music community, there seems to be an unwritten rule that if you like one artist, it’s completely unacceptable to like another, let alone stan for them. Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera come to mind, in my own experiences in being a fan of both. For the record, I’ve been a fan of Xtina since the “Reflection” video and The New Mickey Mouse Club reruns on Disney Channel. I haven’t stopped since (even the Bionic era didn’t phase me. Hashtag-true-stan) . I became a Gaga fan when I gave her a listen after I got tired of hearing  all the buzz about her. Once I heard The Fame, I was hooked. I even went to see The Monster Ball (wrote a review too!). The Fame Monster was cool too, until the “Alejandro” video. She got too extreme and (unnecessarily complex) for me, so I quit her.

My fandom history aside, Christina fans seem to think that you can’t stan for X and like Gaga at the same time, if only because they hold that Gaga and her team was at least partly behind the failure of Bionic. As plausible as that may (kind of) sound, I don’t have time for entertainment industry conspiracy theories.

On another note, Christina fans (in general) also seem to feel the same way about Beyoncé. I like them both. As a matter of fact, in the BeyHive I’d consider myself a HoneyBey. But to sit here and take ‘stanning’ so seriously is ridiculous*. In the words of Christina Aguilera herself, “There is room for all of us on everyone’s iPods.”

*Stanning can be entertaining though, like the website and, my favorite, their Stan Dictionary and its subentries.  


5 thoughts on “Stan Wars

  1. Woww! So on point! People don’t understand the severity of ‘stan’ing…you can miss out on a lot of great music by not liking an artist for no reason.
    Have you seen that recent soiree with Iggy Azalea unfollowing fans of hers that went to the Azealia Banks concert? Even the artists (well, rookie artists) have fallen victim to that foolishness.

    p.s. I was a Little Monster until “Alejandro” as well….couldn’t stand her again until “Judas”. Became hooked, Born This Way will grow on you. I highly recommend it.

    Great Post, dahhling.


    A member of the Beyhive, Lambily, and Little Monsters.

    • Oh no… you’re a Lamb? I’m sorry. I’m not here for that. (kidding!) Yes BTW has a few gems on it, but some songs of hers I just won’t listen to. 🙂

      I like how you channeled your inner Mariah with the “dahhling” there. 😉


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