#Teamthis & #teamthat

First off, I find the whole #team thing to be ridiculous, if only because it’s used excessively.

But what annoys me more than that is its use in Twitter bios.

Between that and the use of mentions in the 160 characters at the top of Twitter pages it’s just incredibly ridiculous. Considering the attention-seeking performance aspect of all social media, people also take the opportunity to mention their ‘Twifey’ and ‘Twitter hubbys’ in their bio. It just seems a little middle-school to me. Plus, it’s hard to see that a relationship is serious if you’re telling people to follow your ‘love’ on your profile. And most people just use it as an excuse to see what your ‘babe’/’boo thang’/’bestie’/’whatever he or she is to you’ looks like, among other things, and then judge you for it.

But back to the team thing. On some profiles, it’s so extreme that it’s all that is in their bio. A list of teams. A bunch of hash tags. Thanks to my friend David for letting me use his bio as a rather funny (but true) example:

See? It’s insane! This really is homeboy’s bio.

I guess it’s a clever way of reducing yourself to 160 characters, but it’s just too much. Involuntarily subjecting innocent tweeters to all your teams based on the place you live, your Zodiac, your skin tone, your… preferences… who you stan for, what phone you use, how basic (or not) you are… I think that’ll become evident through your tweets if it’s become such a part of you that you have to take sides. I’ve gotten so annoyed with it I placed my distaste of hashtags and mentions in my own bio:

Yeah. Way to show ’em.

One might say at the end of the day it’s social media and it’s not that serious. Well I’m sure that opinion changes when you see  one too many hashtags on Facebook…



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