If you like the book so much, read it instead

The release of the first official trailer for Baz Luhrmann‘s The Great Gatsby had snooty novel pursuits who last read the book in high school in a fuss. Let us look no further than YouTube for the pretentiousness (and ridiculous trolling*) to ensue.

As with everything else in pop culture, purists tend to drain the fun out of upcoming happenings that generally have the public excited, or at least curious. Film adaptations of books are the perfect example.

When you think of how successful the Harry Potter movie franchise was, how close the book is to the novel doesn’t really apply as much as purists would like to think. A lot of movie goers hadn’t even picked up one of those offensively thick books before buying a ticket.

But let’s talk about those YouTube trolls. The comments section for the Gatsby trailer (not from WarnerBrosPictures but from FilmTrailerZone) was full of comments that basically amount to “The last (and only) time I read this book was in high school/I just finished reading this book in high school so now I’m an expert on the deeper meaning and imagery Fitzgerald used in the novel”. And to them I say: you read the book. Once.

And above all, when you see that Baz Luhrmann is the director, expect excessively extravagant cinematography.

*Edit: A good example of trolling would be the comment this kind fellow left for me. See here:

Clever! He essentially repeated what I said in my comment and then called me a name! : O

Since I’m not going to have foul language (particularly, such language directed at me) color my blog, I censored the image, but clicking the above link will take you to the full comment by the ‘cleverly’ named twiztidtwiggy69. No matter though, one of the perks to having a top comment, I suppose. (Yippie! 14 likes!)



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