Award show performances: Not like they used to be

Watching the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday was a mildly enjoyable experience. Actually, it was the most entertainment I’ve gotten from an award show in a long time considering none of my favorites (music-wise being LeAnn Rimes, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and certainly not Christian-pop singers Beckah Shae, Britt Nicole, and Rachael Lampa) made appearances. But in the process, I’ve realized award show performances aren’t what they used to be.

Award show performances are always crafted and calculated with an agenda so that you’re talking about the show in one way or another the next day, but all music performances have tons of thought and creativity put into them…maybe I shouldn’t say all…

I won’t bother talking about lip synching because that happens. It’s just apart of this modern era of music performances. Britney Spears is (in?)famous for it, but I’m betting you can name at least one performance of hers that was memorable despite her miming.

Now they just say “Katy Perry (or whichever interchangeable pop star of the moment) will have a performance everyone will be talking about” just to make you tune in. And then you watch, see some bad lip synching or quavery live singing and you’re left thinking, “That’s it? That’s what ‘everyone’ will be talking about?!” and a disgruntled look on your face (at least that’s what happens to me).

Regardless, the three hours spent watching the BBMAs (and missing the second episode of The Next Food Network Star) wasn’t a complete waste. I had some good Twitter convo with followers and fellow viewers, got some retweets, and more followers (and my Klout score went up a point! If anyone even pays that much attention). But above all, I got a mention by one of my journalistic inspirations – Ms. Hoda Kotb, thanks to an annoying Carly Rae Jepsen performance.

Next thing you know I could be a paid intern in NYC for the 4th hour of Today.


One thought on “Award show performances: Not like they used to be

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