Compared to the Backstreet Boys, One Direction can’t compete

Similar to what started the original boy band craze, the British invasion of  bands like One Direction and The Wanted (but let’s be real, it’s mostly One Direction) have teeny bopper girls stateside going insane. It’s like Disney Channel stars 2.0 and times 1,000. Even people my age are getting into these guys. But not me.

This new era of boy bands is seriously lacking.

Back in my day (“my day” being the bubblegum pop explosion of the late ’90s/early 2000s), the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC was where it was at. And while I was a fan of both, the talent of BSB surpassed that of *NSYNC. (Be honest, looking back *NSYNC was clearly a vehicle for Justin Timberlake to breakout on his own as a solo superstar, much like Destiny’s Child was for a certain Beyoncé, but I digress…) I mean Nick, A.J., Howie, Kevin and Brian could all sing lead. Sure, Nick and Brian (and to a lesser degree A.J.) got  most of the leads, but all those boys could harmonize and sing well on their own.

I don’t think One Directioners can say the same for their beloved band – at least not to the same degree.

But I will give them credit: the level of cheesiness isn’t the same since they don’t all dress alike and frost their hair.


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