Why I Love Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film pre...

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film premiere in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course the man looks good. But there is something about the longevity of an actor past his Tiger Beat/Heartthrob years that keeps me interested. For over a decade, Leonardo DiCaprio has continued a successful acting career without sacrificing his dignity and choosing complex, interesting characters to play in equally compelling films. He doesn’t pigeonhole himself, and while his characters all seem to have a hidden darkness to them, they’re not all the same. They don’t end up blurring together.

DiCaprio could have very easily slipped into a pretty boy romantic drama typecast, but he didn’t. Beyond that, he’s just plain smart about the films he makes. He knows the platform being an actor gives him and he chooses to make films that actually say and mean something.

Take Inception. Although it was a blockbuster movie, it was unconventional for the matter in which in required viewers to think and pay attention to the dialogue and plot in the film. And even though it wasn’t a mindless array of explosions and special effects, movie goers still came out to see the movie. Actually, the mind twisting made viewers buy more tickets to see the film two, three, and four times over. For most of the adventurous and ambitious roles Leo has taken on, the gamble paid off.

Now he just needs an Oscar…


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