Xmas Tunes: "O Holy Night"

It’s Christmas week! In anticipation of the big day, I’m pairing “O Holy Night” – versions by LeAnn Rimes and Mariah Carey.

LeAnn Rimes is my favorite singer – ever. Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga are also close behind, but LeAnn takes the cake. Her rich vocals emphasize emotion though song in a really unique way, and her 2003 rendition of “O Holy Night” is no different. It’s traditional, acoustic, and the note at the end gives me chills every. Single. Time.

Mariah’s version is traditional too… but in a Southern, Gospel, church-y sense. It almost has a cathedral feel to it. The vocals soar throughout, instead of at the very end. As a fan of big voices, I love this version. If you get annoyed by this,  you might not want to give this a listen though…

Whether it’s in this post or not, who’s version of  “O Holy Night” do you like best? Comment below!



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