Pro Kanye or No Kanye?

Kanye West

Kanye West (Photo credit: dpwolf)

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is one of the most popular artists in music right now. Ask people if they like him or not, and you’ll get a mixed response. On one website, a user writes, “If you can’t tell yet, Kanye can basically do whatever […] he wants. One year he can interrupt America’s sweetheart and best selling artist that year at a show, and than come back the next year and be the shows main act.” Another says “this guy is extremely smart, he knows how to get [the attention of] fans and general people that don’t like hip hop.”

I’m pro Kanye – the artist. The thing is, the artist that Kanye is includes also egotistic, anal-retentive outbursts. But ignoring all that, I can deal with Yeezy fine. He’s a talented artist and, like many artists, he’s…eccentric.


One thought on “Pro Kanye or No Kanye?

  1. I love Kanye as an artist, but I think he really stupid as a person. most of the time I don't think he wants to hurt peoples feeling but hes passive aggressive and selcentered, plus he has a history of being a bastard so everything he does is going to sound bad.


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