Adele’s "Rolling in the Deep"

I was beyond excited to hear that UK singer Adele was releasing her new album, 21, in February. (Lucky Brits will get the record in January!). As a treat to fans, Adele released a special music video of the album’s lead single, “Rolling in the Deep” on her YouTube channel. The song  is about a lost love. With a chorus reminiscent of a 60’s pop song, this single was instantly a favorite for me:

Adele also premiered a new song called “Someone Like You” on London’s Later…With Jools Holland. In the song, she reflects on an old love who found someone new. The song is driven by a piano melody and is Adele’s favorite from the record:

From the sound of these two tracks, this album will have a great sound and much more maturity (hence the name, 21, Adele’s age now, compared to her debut, 19.) I look forward to writing a review in February!


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