Ke$ha’s a Cannibal

It hasn’t even been a year since party-and-glitter girl Ke$ha released her first album, Animal, in January. Pleasing her fans (me included) she released Cannibal both as an Extended Play (that’s an EP 😉 ) and as a deluxe version of her debut (in the form of Animal + Cannibal). Track by track, here’s what I thought of the new record:

Cannibal – The title track to the EP, “Cannibal” is about Ke$ha’s man-eater tendencies when it comes to guys that are too nice. It has a sound more like a club dub.

We R Who We R – The the song I have on repeat the most is the lead single from the record. Cliche as it may be about accepting yourself, it’s unique in that it’s from Ke$ha’s carefree, cocky, take-it-or-leave it attitude. It’s hard to listen to this song and not feel good, not feel like dancing.

Sleazy – Sleazy is where Ke$ha puts her real rap skills on the forefront.  The heavy beat has a Lil Wayne feel to it – even the (tongue-and-cheek)  hook has a hip-hop vibe. I love Ke$ha’s humor in the hook, but it’s not for the faint of heart… The rhythm in this song makes you want to get up and shake something.

Blow – My second favorite song from the album is about letting loose and having fun at a party. I think the party-animal absolutely sings from experience when on the cool, trippy club track.

The Harold Song – The mellow sound of this song is similar to “Animal”, yet the chorus is similar to “Blind”, both from Ke$ha’s first CD. I love how the song tells a story of a lost love, as opposed to just random feelings toward or descriptions of loser boys that is present in most of her upbeat songs.

Crazy Beautiful Life – A spacey, jammin little track that reminds me a lot of a ’90s style punky band – maybe old-school Good Charlotte (mostly in Ke$ha’s delivery and attitude). Not my favorite at first…but it’s  grown on me. In someways, it’s Tik Tok, Part 2, which is fine with me.

Grow a Pair – A hilarious song about a guy and his… lack of manliness. Not for the prude, but the groovy, tech-y song is both cheesy and entertaining.

C U Next Tuesday – Partly reminiscent of Stephen (from her 1st CD, Animal), this song is about leaving a guy who’s not good for you. I love the spacey sound of this song and the ’80s clap-drums.

Animal (Billboard Remix) – A remix of the title track of Ke$ha’s debut. The editing on Ke$ha’s vocals to make it sound as though she’s singing a different version of the song comes off like she can’t sing at all (contrary to popular belief, she has a decent voice). At other times, the beat is far too busy and sounds more like are car passing down the street with way too much base. If the DJ didn’t get so heavy with effects, this would be a praiseworthy remix with a driving beat and pleasant vocals. Unfortunately, it’s not.

If you want a fun dance-pop record to blast on your stereo as you head to a party (or a club…or go shopping, maybe…) alone or with your friends, Ke$ha’s Cannibal EP is a good choice.

Image credit: RCA Records


2 thoughts on “Ke$ha’s a Cannibal

  1. This album sounds a lot like an extended version of "Animal" but it is still good. That remix at the end sucks but I like songs like "Sleazy" & i think the title track is retty good too

  2. I would love to say that I hate Kesha(she seems fake and rude, not to mention shes a bad rip-off of Madonna/Lady Gaga) but everything she makes is "mah jam"! lol


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