A Guide to Summer Entertainment

What’s summer without some good summer movies? This is a quick guide to summer entertainment. I’ve listed the movies out in time for the summer season that I plan on checking out myself. See below:

  • Iron Man 2 (In theaters now) This time Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey, Jr.) has a real villain to face against in a Russian inventor played Mickey Rourke. It’s already on it’s way to smashing box-office records like it’s predecessor.
  • Get Him to the Greek (in theaters June 4th) This hilarious (that is, judging by the trailers) comedy stars UK comedian Russell Brand as Aldous Snow (his role in 2008’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall). another funnyman, Jonah Hill (of Superbad fame), co-stars as a music agent who’s task is to get the eccentric rock star to LA LA Land for a concert. Hilarious mishaps ensue, full of celebrity cameos from the likes of Christina Aguilera to Diddy.
  • The Karate Kid (in theaters June 11th) The remake of the 1984 classic gets very modern as Jaden Smith (yes, Will and Jada’s son) plays an American boy who is trained by his own Mr. Miyagi (Jackie Chan) to fend off bullies.
  • Toy Story 3 (in theaters June 18th) When their beloved owner Andy goes to college, his mom gives his toys away to a daycare center. When they realize how much Andy needs them, Woody, Buzz, Jesse and the rest of the gang embark on another brave quest to get back to their owner.
  • Inception (in theaters July 16th) The script of this psychological, highly-anticipated thriller was kept heavily under wraps by director Christopher Nolan (the director behind 2008’s blockbuster The Dark Knight), but now more details have come to light as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page (yes, that chick from Juno), Ken Watanabe and others star in a film about dream thieves who steal profitable ideas from the subconscious mind of others.
  • Salt (in theaters July 23) Originally given to Tom Cruise to play as Edwin A. Salt, Angelina Jolie returns to her action-star trademark and plays Evelyn A. Salt,  a government agent on the run.

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