Erykah Badu Gets Fined for Video

In making a statement through artistic expression, as most artists do, Erykah Badu has found her self being fined $500 for being nude without a permit in Dallas after shooting her video for “Window Seat.” Nudity seems to be the biggest problem with this video, which was shot around the area John F. Kennedy was shot. It features the celebrated artist walking around the area, slowly stripping away clothing. Toward the end of the video, Badu is shot by an assassin off-camera. Badu later speaks on her concerns over repression and the lack of understanding among individuals. The video has come under scrutiny because of it being shot in front of children.

I think the statement Badu made was very valid. The location was all a part of the point she was trying to make. Some say this is another case of the music video gone too far, but I feel people are getting too uptight about things. Some may say we’re getting to careless, but it’s art, and an opinion at that. If you don’t like what Badu did or what she has to say–or any artist, for that matter, don’t watch.

You can watch Erykah’s “Window Seat” video below. Wanda Sykes made a  spoof called “Middle Seat” that you can watch here.

Sources: LA Times Blog, AJC Buzz


8 thoughts on “Erykah Badu Gets Fined for Video

  1. Before I knew what the actual purpose for Erykah to strip butt-naked, I thought she was senile. But then after being enlightened after this blog post and listning to the lyrics of the song, I realized there was a great meaning behind it, which is your Individuality.

  2. i watched this video for the first time 2 days ago. it was very interesting. i dont know if she was sending the right message. but it sucks that shes being fined for it. but thats not alot of money. i had so many questions about that video.

  3. man erykah badu been eating & its been going to all the right places if yu kno wat i mean 😉 , but i mean first i was like whoaaahhh , then i understand now that she was tryna to just be an individuial


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