4th Spider-Man will be in 3-D!

Sony Pictures announced last week that the fourth installment in their biggest franchise will be in 3-D. Slated for release in 2012, there should be plenty of 3-D theaters in place to display Spidey’s web shooting right out the screen. Director Sam Raimi and the original Spidey Tobey Maguire won’t be returning to the film. 300 Days of Summer director Marc Webb will be directing the film based on Jame Vanderbilt’s script. Hopefully soon, we’ll know who’s playing the title character.

With the film being released July 3, 2012, I wonder if the 3-D movie craze will even still be hot by then. Mind you, 3-D is absolutely nothing new. It was a fad in the fifties, returned in the 80s, and now it’s hot once again.

What’s your take on the 3-D movie craze and the odds of the 4th Spider-Man in 3 dimensions?

Source: EW.com


5 thoughts on “4th Spider-Man will be in 3-D!

  1. first of all, even though i've never seen nor have I been all that interested in Spiderman films, I'm not happy that Tobey won't be plying Spiderman. But the movie will probably still be good and even if no one is into the 3-D thing by then, it'll still sell tickets.


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