‘Shutter Island’ Tops Weekend Box Office

Shutter Island (film)

Shutter Island | (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Scorsese/DiCaprio thriller Shutter Island was at the top of the Box Office this weekend, opening with $40.2 million this week. With no other major openings this week, this makes the duo’s fourth collaboration their highest grossing opening. Director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio previously collaborated on 2002’s Gangs of New York (which opened with $9.5 million), 2004’s The Aviator ($8.6 million), 2006’s The Departed ($26.9 million). The flick, set in the 1950s, is about a Boston detective (Teddy Daniels, played by DiCaprio) who is sent to investigate the case of a woman in a center for the criminally insane who mysteriously disappeared after killing her children.

I intend to see this movie when I get the chance. Some of my favorite films are Scoresse/DiCaprio collaborations. And plus, who doesn’t like a good thriller flick?

Sources: MSN Movie News, EW.com, Box Office Mojo


11 thoughts on “‘Shutter Island’ Tops Weekend Box Office

  1. And most importantly, Leo DiCaprio is HAWT! I really enjoyed "The Departed". That movie never gets old. I'd love to see the movie it'll be a good scary flick and it'll erase the scary thoughts of "Paranormal Activity" out of my head.

  2. i personally don't like harrow movies because they don't interest me , and they tend not to make sense to me. I don't even know why people get scared and scream loud when its all fake. Good blog i love it.

  3. …Harrow movies fatou? lol But this is definately a movie that i will be seeing this weekend…i absolutely love horror movies. Oh and i like "The Departed". Thats a REALLY good movie.


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