Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball at Atlanta’s FOX Theater

Semi-Precious Weapons lead singer Justin Tranter wanted fans “ready for Lady Gaga” after the garage-glam rock band’s four song set opening day two of the Monster Ball at Atlanta’s FOX Theatre December 29th. Following chants and screams for the queen of performance art and a brief intermission, “Whatcha Say” singer Jason Derülo entered the stage for his 5-song set that included his first hit, “Whatcha Say” and his second single, “In My Head.” After the stage was cleared during a 30 minute intermission of Michael Jackson songs and impromptu aisle dancing and karaoke, it was finally time for Lady Gaga to enter the stage, a 30 second countdown clock featuring an image of the headlining act in a glamorous dress floating in water got the crowd even more excited to see their favorite star.

The Monster Ball officially opened with “Dance in the Dark,” a fan favorite from Lady Gaga’s sophomore album, The Fame Monster. From there Gaga pleased us fans with amazing live vocals, live instruments, signature outfits, dancing and overall performance art. Proclaiming her love for her Atlanta fans, Gaga performed all my favorites, including “Paper Gangsta” and “Boys, Boys, Boys” from 2008’s The Fame and an amazing ballad she wrote for her dad called “Speechless” which, to the applause of the audience, including me, she sang as she played the piano. An acoustic version of Gaga’s hit “Poker Face” followed.

Other songs include “Alejandro,” “Monster,” and “Teeth,” and “So Happy I Could Die” from Lady Gaga’s latest CD and “Just Dance,” “Money Honey,” “The Fame,” and “Love Game” from her debut CD. The show closed with The Fame’s “Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)”. An energized version of “poker Face” was the encore, and Gaga’s newest hit, “Bad Romance” was the grand finale. There was nothing I enjoyed more than looking across the crowd singing the chants of “Bad Romance” into the bright white flashing stage lights as we all raised our Monster claws. The only thing that could’ve made the show better was if I sat closer.



2 thoughts on “Lady Gaga: The Monster Ball at Atlanta’s FOX Theater

  1. That was the best concert I've ever been to! (It's the only concert I've been to lol) But what a show it was! The best part was the encore when Gaga did "Bad Romance". Everyone was singing along and doing the dance moves–it was like we were all united in one Gaga Nation! lol

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