Miley Sports a (Naughty) Tattoo!

It’s not really naughty, but the placing of it is suggestive. Frolicking around in a hot pink bikini at Miami Beach’s Fountainbleau Resort, Miley showed off a new tattoo that reads, “Just Breathe” in cursive writing under her left breast. Note, that your lungs are somewhere around there, so if you ask me it’s a clever place to put such a tattoo. I think it’s quite cute actually:


Before some people start making a ruckus about her age and the tattoo (Miley’s 17. The legal age to get ink in the U.S. is 18), it’s highly likely Miley’s mom or dad signed a permission slip or something for Miley to get scribbled on. Her other brother, Trace Cyrus, even has a matching tattoo with their father Billy Ray Cyrus.

So…what do you make of Miley’s new ink? Do you have a tatoo yourself or wish to get one?

Source: US Weekly


One thought on “Miley Sports a (Naughty) Tattoo!

  1. I wish to get a tattoo myself. But I wouldn't get it where Miley has it. On the other hand, I like how her Hannah Montana costar with the mop hair has tattoos! That makes him appealing now.


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