Video: Marilyn Monroe Smoking Pot!

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe (Photo credit: sasha065)

50 years after it was filmed, Marilyn Monroe collector Keya Morgan bought a video of the sex symbol smoking pot after it was found in the attic of the man who taped it. The silent, color home video features Monroe on a couch puffing on a marijuana cigarette as it’s passed around the living room of a private New Jersey home. Her hair is in its signature style, her eyebrows carefully arched, and (perhaps obviously) she’s in a very relaxed position. At one pint in the video, she even playfully sniffs her armpit, the laughs (No comment). The anonymous videographer sold the film for $275,000 and says, “[the pot] was mine.”

I’m intrigued by this story, but not at all surprised. It was 1959 when this video was taped, and at this point Monroe was a very big star. I mean, not much phases me when it comes to things like this, but take a look at the video for yourself and tell me what you think.

Source: MSN Wonderwall, Reuters