Friends: How Many of Us Have Them? (in Hollywood)

Hollywood is full of friends – some good, some, of course, bad. Popular celeb pals include Tyra Banks and Kimora Lee; Will Smith and Tom Cruise; and Oprah and Gayle King. Reportedly, Oprah even gave Gayle $1 million because she “wanted her to be a millionaire too.” (Aww! Sweet. 🙂 ) Many became besties while trying to make it big, like Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. Reportedly, Leonardo once had it in his contract that movie studios had to fly his friends by private jet so they could visit him where he shot films. The pair is often seen at nightclubs or a Lakers game.


Credit: MediaBistro

With good friends come bad ones, and Paris Hilton has often been a bad friend. When Christina Aguilera was keeping her pregnancy under wraps (although it started to become obvious), Paris outed her at a party, saying Christina was “the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world.” Christina played it off nicely though.

Although friend can’t be summed up in a dictionary definition, the good qualities of a friend can be found in a list, compiled by me:

  1. Friends are honest with each other. You don’t have to share every little detail of everything, but be honest.
  2. A good listener makes a good friend. Actually listen! Not those little “uh-huhs” and “really? Wow’s” you throw in while you simultaneously talk on the phone and watch TV at the same time.
  3. Friends are attentive. Meaning you can tell if your buddy is upset or sad or something. You can’t read their mind, but you can recognize when something’s up.
  4. A good friend supports you. When you’re both competing for that prized movie role (or whatever) and you get the part, your pal congratulate you. Not saying their not upset though.
  5. When your friend’s a good one, you know they care about you. You don’t even have to ask.
  6. Good friends keep your secrets and tell you theirs, expecting the same.
  7. Good friends are those you can trust…need I say more?
  8. Friends stick by you through good and bad. You know, if you’re “friend” says they’d stop being your friend over something shallow… keep an eye on ’em.
  9. Friends accept you for you. I would think that’s why you guys are pals to start with, right?
  10. Friends are also reliable. They show up to important events an don’t forget your birthday.

9 thoughts on “Friends: How Many of Us Have Them? (in Hollywood)

  1. I think that picture of Leo and Todey is so cute! I agree that you should be attentive to your friends. If you suspect that something is up with them, try to be there for them;help them out.

  2. I agree. The dictionary does not gove the real definition of a friend. Its a simple life experience. And i love that pic of Tyra and Kimora!!:-] Yea and i agree with everything on your list. You can usually tell when your friends are going through something without them telling you.

  3. i like the pic with tyra and kimora they are to beautiful women bt bt yet the dictionary doesnt tell the real definition of a true friend and its great how you gave details about oprah giving 1 million dollars to her friensd gayle or wateva i wish i had a friend like that……. :0

  4. It's safe to say that you know how to find the qualities in good friends..I really love that quote in the beginning of the post it makes me wana cry me no no why..but great work

  5. The biggest issue is the "secret keeping". Good friends shouldn't have the urge to leak your personal secrets. You should be able to trust them. I wonder if it's harder for people in Hollywood to find true friends. Would they only have been able to find them before the fame?

  6. of course the dictionary doesn't give the real definition of a friend because a dictionary doesn't have real friends. lol. but serious, only people who have had real friends know. i wish i had a friend to give me a million dollars just because i wanted to be a millionaire.


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