The American Music Awards: A Rundown

The American Music Awards was a mostly predictable show as far as awards go, but like any music award ceremony, it’s always more about the performances than who won what. I tuned in last night to witness the performances and hope for at leastone win by my favorite, Lady Gaga.

– Ok, I totally missed Janet Jackson’s performance, but upon watching it on YouTube, it was entertaining. I didn’t like her get up though. Janet performed a medley of her hits, including “Control,” “If,” her new single “Make Me,” and “Together Again,” the latter which honestly gave me chills.

– Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed “Empire State of Mind” to a very receptive crowd, with the exception of a few awkward stares from some celebs in the crowd.

– Rihanna made a strong comeback to the stage as she wowed the crowd in a white, horizontally cut-out jumpsuit singing her new single, “Wait Your Turn (The Wait is Ova).” Her vocals were a little off though.

– Carrie Underwood and Lady Gaga performed back to back, but after Gaga’s performance, Carrie’s was an afterthought. Gaga reenacted the jerky dance moves from her “Bad Romance” video as she sang her newest single, and later performed on a flaming piano flawlessly as she sang her new ballad (and one of my favorites) “Speechless”.

– Jennifer Lopez debuted her catchy new single “Louboutins” with a boxing match themed performance that was just okay until she broke out a J.Lo-style dance solo (despite her fall, which I didn’t even notice until the media made it a big deal the next day).

– Whitney Houston made a return to the AMAs and looked beautiful as she performed an emotional rendition of her single, “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” and proceeded to give a heartfelt acceptance speech for the award for International Artist of the Year. Houston’s the 7th ever recipient of the award in AMA history. (Others include Michael Jackson and Led Zeppelin)

– Alicia Keys performed her pleasant new single from her upcoming CD The Element of Freedom, but the performance was too elaborate for the song, with back up dancers and a piano hanging over the stage in a box and whatnot.

– Eminem performed “Crack A Bottle” with 50 Cent, who essentially came and left and Em went into his verse from “Forever,” a collaboration with Lil Wayne and Kanye West. (Em only did his verse, mind you: Kanye’s still on Taylor-gate and Wayne just didn’t come to the show)

-Timbaland performed a single from his new CD to be released, Shock Value II, with SoShy and Nelly Furtado. A very small “Thriller” style MJ tribute was included, which was the only memorable part of the performance.

-American Idol alum Adam Lambert closed the show with his new single, “For Your Entertainment” with a very provocative performance that included Lambert dragging a female dancer across the stage, pseudo- fellatio, and Adam kissing a keyboardist whose gender I can’t tell. Lambert was a little pitchy, and the theatrics took away from his vocals even more.

-Awards-wise, MJ racked up AMAs for Male R&B and Pop/Rock Male, making history and bringing his AMA count to 24. Taylor Swift was shocked and mazed as usual as she won AMAs for Counrty Female and Pop/Rock Female. To my dismay, underdog (or so I thought) country group Gloriana won Best New Artist, Lady Gaga.

This, of course, was a rundown of what I thought were the most notable moments in the show. Was your favorite performance skipped? Mary J. Blige, Daughtry, Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, The Black Eyed Peas, Keith Urban, and Green Day also performed. Tell me what you thought of who won and stopped the show in the comments below.


3 thoughts on “The American Music Awards: A Rundown

  1. i don't think this was the best AMA's honestly. it didnt really keep my interest as much as other award shows. But yea i think jay-z and alicia keys did a really good job. They actually moved the crowd and i think that song just inspires people. Ladey Gaga's performance was good, i always like what she brings to the table. She's weird, but new and fresh.

  2. Interestingly enough, this year's AMAs had the highest ratings since 2002. I think this year's show was better than ones in recent years, but the AMAs seem to struggle between being like the Grammys (like they used to be) and the VMAs (which they try to be now).

  3. I think Adam Lambert was trying too hard. But I do think that they are hyping up the controversy because he is a gay artist that kissed a male keyboard player. If a male artist kissed a female or a female artist kissed a male, it wouldn't have been censored.


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