It Starts with Twitter: Social Networking

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Twitter Logo (Photo credit: Jon Gosier)

In Clayton County, Georgia, two teachers were on leave after a Facebook love letter led to a fight. The fight was a result from the two women learning they were involved with the same man who also taught in the school. Sounds like a Hollywood love triangle doesn’t it? Or at least a bad TV movie.

Twitter is a very popular social network with celebrities, mainly because it is so quick and easy to update their fans without too much hassle and trouble. Notable celeb Tweeters are Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Soulja Boy, Tyra Banks, Diddy, and (once upon a time) Miley Cyrus. Of course, with such instant updates, there can be problems. For instance, Miley got in a bit of a scandal back in June when her producers posted risque pictures of her posing provocatively on his twitter account. Later, he defended Miley as “a sweet angel.”
A simple message on a social network can also get a person caught in scandal, as did a love letter in the Georgia teacher incident.
When do you feel social networking goes too far?
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6 thoughts on “It Starts with Twitter: Social Networking

  1. I think the Miley thing was pretty risque. I mean teens always post scantily clad photos of themselves online (except for me of course, because I'm not like THAT…). But that was outta line. And the thing about that is Billy Ray doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with it.

  2. rough teens these days tend to do that!!!!!!! i mean come on miley cyrus knew she was gonna get attention on this particular cause because she just wanted attention so now she got it.. as for the rest no matter what you do or where you go you're representing you, your name, and you're repetation, dont do social networking if you know you wont have respect for it…

  3. Yeah i think sometimes twitter for celebrities is not a good idea. Because celebrities forget that everything they post can be seen and so can sexually suggestive pictures!! It just shows you how much social networking can get you into trouble. People just let social networking consume them sometimes!!

  4. I believe the Miley situation wasn't as bad as everyone made it seem, it was for a good cause and she got paid so hey whats the problem. Although the media takes any little thing and runs with it to make it into something huge. I think the photos just didn't look good for her younger audiences, the little ones look up to her.

  5. i think the producer shoulda never posted that. im not at all a big fan of miley but come on. thats her personal business. same with all these other teens, YOUR personal business, NOT EVERYONE ELSES! ! ! geesh, teens theses days

  6. @Miss Jones: I see your point. And I agree that it wasn't good for her younger fans to see. At the same time, does it help prevent creepy older dudes form stalking you? :S


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