Teen Pregnancy & Hollywood

Lately (as in recent years) there’s been a surge of pregnant teens and twenty-somethings running about in Hollywood. In December 2007, Britney Spears’ little sister Jamie Lynn Spears (of Zoey 101 fame) announced she was pregnant by her boyfriend Casey Aldridge in an interview with OK! magazine. Substantial controversy ensued not only because of Jamie’s role-model status, but because of the age difference between she and Casey, (Jamie was two years under the California age of consent) which could have resulted in Aldridge being charged with statutory rape. However, Jamie is from Kentwood, Louisana, nor did she live in California. Nevertheless, reps later confirmed Casey was just under two years Jamie’s senior. Casey and Jamie’s baby, Maddie Briann Aldridge, was born June 19, 2008. Her first baby pics were sold to OK! magazine for $1 million.

The glamorization of Spears’ pregnancy has been largely ridiculed and is blamed for the state of teen pregnancy in America. People can play the “Blame the media” card if they wish, but that has little to do with the issue of teens having sex without protection/contraception.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol has been ridiculed as she is also a teen mother. Bristol had to endure criticizing under the glare of her mother’s Republican running for Vice President. To put up a good front for her mother amidst her campaign, the Palin camp announced Bristol would marry her baby’s father, Levi Johnston. The engagement fell through, and now Johnston is in a war of words with Sarah Palin. Levi is also making profits of his situation by participating in endorsement deals and is in talks to pose for Playgirl magazine… Ironically, Bristol is now an advocate of teen pregnancy prevention.

Picture credit: OK! Magazine


7 thoughts on “Teen Pregnancy & Hollywood

  1. well we all remember the jamie lynn spears incident(well at least i do) and we all saw how it can ruin a career. Spears had probably had one of the top shows on nick at the time but as soon as the news ofher pregnancy came out, they dropped her faster than a….well you get my point. It's a shame that has to happen to people. who's next Myley Cyrus(no she is paid to stay abstinent)…

  2. This mishap definitely brought bad publicity to her career. I believe most people probably thought it was cool becasue they looked up too her which shouldnt be the case. It is so much easier to just use protection or get on birth control rather than becoming pregnant at an early. I feel as though when celebrities get pregnant teens may sometime follow them because thats they're idol.

  3. Jamie lynn spears, how could we forget.It's sad sometimes because you know there's little girls out there that really look up to her adn we all know Zoey 101 was the JUNK! and i quess when she got pregnant it got canceled, but i think teen pregnacny can be avoided. Use a condom or take birth control.

  4. From Zoey 101 to teenage mom. That was everyone's huge problem. But people failed to realize that her character was only an "act". She is just like any teenager… filled with future mistakes and not-so-smart decisions.

  5. @Tai: I couldn't agree more. @Edward: Exactly right. I fear what's going to become of Miley when this "innocent" facade that no one believes anymore wears off completely. @Miss Jones: I agree. The thing is that people need to recognize that it's fine to look up to famous folks, but they're human too. Everything they do isn't good and fine either


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