Express Yourself; Famous Folks Do…

If people never felt the need to express themselves through writing teleplays, scripts or music, or through singing, dancing or acting, we would never have celebrities or talented actors, singers, choreographers, designers, directors, producers or dancers.  I wouldn’t have a blog. Self expression is the expression of one’s individuality through creative activities.Some express themselves through music. Others through dancing or art. I express myself best through writing. Others still express themselves through clothing as well as another outlet.

English: Lady Gaga and Monster announce Projec...

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Take one of my favorites, Lady Gaga, for example. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (her birthname) has always expressed herself through music. At age 4 she learned how to play piano by ear. Once she became a teen, she began to express herself through edgy and unique (and very eye-catching) choices in clothing, and soon the phenomenon that is Lady Gaga came to be.

Some may say she takes self expression too far, but there’s really no harm in her fashion, only some distraction from her talent. In the world of entertainment, it’s hard to really come off as obscene in self expression. The stigmas of the everyday world inhibit some forms of self expression, but there’s always opportunity to express yourself in different ways.


3 thoughts on “Express Yourself; Famous Folks Do…

  1. I think some forms of self expression can be viewed by others as being obscene, but the good thing about our society is that we have the freedom of expression.

  2. Personally, I think the music industry needs someone like Lady Gaga. she's different, she's not like everyone else, she makes you take a double glance at her when you see her, and plus shee's really talenteddd. Luv how she expesss herself!

  3. I agree with Danielle and i also think that people get intimidated by a hot female star. The best part about Lady Gaga is that she doesn't care about what others think of her choices–she just does what she wants to.


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