Sexting & Hollywood… and Everyday Teens Too

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Most teens don’t view sexting as a big deal. They think its nothing more than passing a flirty text message or note. The consequences of this… “trend” has been mirrored in Hollywood, particularly amongst Disney darlings Miley Cyrus, former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon, and most controversially Vanessa Hudgens (TWICE!). Of course the pictures won’t be posted here.

I for one was surprised when pictures of Vanessa and Adrienne appeared on E! News, seeing as they played such wholesome roles on Disney Channel – most wholesome of wholesome channel. (Note the touch of sarcasm there…) At first, the Miley sexting scandal also shocked me – then she did that Vanity Fair photo shoot and was photographed with her now ex boyfriend jogging in a wet tank with a bikini top underneath (her people said they just finished “washing a car”….right). Needless to say I’m no longer phased by any suggestive pictures of “Smiley Miley” anymore…



7 thoughts on “Sexting & Hollywood… and Everyday Teens Too

  1. I remember when Vanessa Hugens' pictures came out. I was quite surprised! I actually happend to see the pictures and ironically she had a poster of her now bf Zac Efron in the background. I thought that was pretty funny. But when exactly did Miley Cyrus ever really sext?

  2. I never heard of miley cyrus sexting but as for vanessa hudgens she's grown she could do watever she really want, but I think she needs to work on the people she hangs around with, because her little naked pictures got to the whole word not just to zac. And shoutout to highschool musicla for always having me jam to the hottest tunes! =]

  3. Sexting is personal. There is wrong to it, but its not wrong enough to be charged with child pornography unless of course a grown person is getting images from a child. (Which would be sick and twisted.)Your body, your choices.

  4. i ever really did like miley cyrus and i do believe that she did something like that. no im not saying that becuse i dont like her its because i've seen or read it somewhere before, basically its not the fist time i've heard abot this. an yea, sexting is really personal and i dont see anything wrong with it-of course i would never do it-but people shouldn't be over charged with something like child pornography.

  5. Smiley Miley, LOLSexting has grown into a big little something. It seems nowadays half of the school is doing it. Peer- preseure…i think its called…lol.But we all know we have control over ourselves and if we coose to "sext" then we have to know that we must take full responsibility of what we do.Now 4th-6th grade? Where are parents when you need them. haha


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