MJ Gets 5 Posthumous AMA Nods

American Music Awards of 2009

American Music Awards of 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hee hee! “(Just a different way to start a post I guess…) Among Michael’s nods is the biggest of the night, Artist of the Year, for the 2009 American Music Awards. The “King” isn’t leading with nods, though. Taylor Swift is!!! (no surprise). The country-crossover crooner has six nominations, and Eminem follows with four.

Michael faces some rather stiff (and honestly, more contemporary and musically relevant) competition from Lady Gaga, Eminem, Kings of Leon, and Taylor Swift. Out of all of these nominees, I’m gunning for Lady Gaga – not just because I’m a fan, but mostly. I’m not dogging the deceased, but MJ is getting a little played out. Surely he’ll receive some kind of dedication on the American Music Awards when they air live on ABC November 22 in LA (from 8:00-11:00, so set those DVRs! :)). And I’m just not that convinced he needed to be nominated for Artist of the Year. You know you see my logic. Look at the other artists nominated in the category Artist of the Year and think about what MJ did in the past year. Gear up for a sell out tour? Yeah. But the biggest thing he did was pass away. The artist of a generation? Sure. Of a century?Maaaaybe. Artist of the year? I don’t think so.

Source: PR Newswire, Associated Press


3 thoughts on “MJ Gets 5 Posthumous AMA Nods

  1. What has Michael put out this year musically to deserve to be nominated at all? Especially for artist of the year? They put out "This Is It" after he dies. This is the most active he's been in years–and he's dead. I love MJ and his music but it's a little over kill.

  2. i beleive micheal is great and he should be nominated bkuz he iz legend….They prolly put out this is it bekuz its sumthing for us to remember him by…he's the king he will neva be forgotten…….

  3. I think what may be getting a little lost is that Michael was a huge AMA artist back when this awards show was trying to be as relevant as the Grammys. It's always been a bit more based on popularity with the public, unlike how the Grammys often are. So it may be one of those cases where the award comes in the nomination and it is a way of the AMAs thanking Michael for putting them out there. We'll just have to see.


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