New Michael Jackson Song Premieres

“This Is It” debuted on at midnight last night. The song will be featured in the Michael Jackson’s This Is It documentary closing. Although the song is Jackson’s first new material since his June 26th death, this song was actually recorded in 1991. (A Jackson fan might call it the “Dangerous Era.”) So technically this is just an unreeased song that was touched up and edited for release. The mid-tempo song features Michael’s borthers singing backup. The track will also be on a Limited Edition Deluxe 2-CD set that contains “the music that inspired Michael Jackson’s This Is It,” including original album masters of some of Michael’s biggest hits” in the order they appear in the film and two versions of “This Is It.” The CD is released October 27th . The documentary will be in limited two-week release in theaters October 28th.

I’m not sure how many times a Michael Jackson fan would need “Thriller,” “Bad,” “Smooth Criminal,” and the like on a CD compilation, but it sounds like a good collection to have for both avid and casual Jackson fans. I am a little bothered that “This Is It” is hardly new material, but artists do that all the time. As for “This Is It,” the song is just ok. I definitely has a early 90’s/very late ’80s MJ sound to it.

Listen to “This Is It” Here:

So what do you think?

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