Kanye’s a No-Show at BET Hip Hop Awards

English: Kanye West performing in December 2008

Photo credit: Wikipedia

He was nominated for 9 awards, but Kanye didn’t show up to the 4th annual Hip Hop Awards, even though he was expected to show. T.I. also wasn’t at the show… in person, that is. His fiancee Tameka “Tiny” Cottle accepted his two awards, including Album of the Year, and read from a letter by T.I. : “Although I’m not there with you all, I’m there in spirit,” the letter read. Jay-Z received the”MVP of the Year” award, while Drake won “Rookie of the Year.” Ice Cube took home the “I Am Hip-Hop” icon award, and was humbled by it: “When you get recognized by your peers for a life of work, you got to be humbled. I’m honored by this.”

Of course I’m not surprised Kanye didn’t show. He and his co-headliner Lady Gaga cancelled their anticipated “Fame Kills” tour because Kanye needed a break (a break from the Taylor fiasco). That being said, a break obviously means from touring, appearances, and especially award shows.

Source: Associated Press


2 thoughts on “Kanye’s a No-Show at BET Hip Hop Awards

  1. Not suprised about Kanye. To be honest, I'm bout tired of both Kanye and Taylor Swift. They both need to go and do something productive and everybody needs to jsut get over the VMA incident. Glad that the ppl who got honored that night did!

  2. I hope he really is taking a break and taking stock of the way he is conducting himself and isn't just do it because his people are telling him that this is the right thing to do. If he doesn't it will be the same old stuff when he comes back on the scene.


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