Tyler Perry – Abused as a Child

Tyler Perry mixes it up with the media on the ...

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Tyler Perry reveals he was both sexually and physically abused as a child in a blog post on his website. The news is revealed amidst promotion for his latest project, Precious. Tyler produced the movie with Oprah Winfrey. Tyler was abused sexually by men and women in his childhood, and reveals a few instances when he was abused throughout the post. He says his father would verbally abuse him for reading books and beat him for eating cookies. Perry also mentions his dad was a drunk who wold abuse him for no reason. Perry also gives details about a time when the mother of a childhood friend sexually assaulted him in her apartment.

[I wasn’t] more than 10 years old…

I got a call not long ago from a friend….He told me that a man that I knew from church when I was a kid had died and he didn’t have any insurance. His family was trying to reach out to me to see if I would pay for his funeral. I quickly said no, but I wish I would have said yes. There is something so powerful to me in burying the man that molested me. I wish I would have dug the grave myself.

Perry says what got him through it all was his faith and using his creativity and imagination as an outlet. I admire Tyler for being so brave as to share his story and be so vulnerable and transparent in doing so. For many famous folk it is and has been therapeutic for them to express themselves creatively whether by writing scripts or songs.

Source: MSN Movie News, Entertainment Tonight


2 thoughts on “Tyler Perry – Abused as a Child

  1. It is very surprising how many prominent entertainers have been abused–physically, sexually, and emotionally. I'm glad that he and other entertainers can come forward and share their stories so that others can feel free to reach out and get some help. Good for Tyler Perry!

  2. THisis really unfortunate. Thankfully he was able to pull through the ordeal and become the talented writer/entertainer he is today. It's great that he is able to share his painful childhood experiences because it may encourage another child to open up about abuse and get the help that he/she needs.


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